I first visited Karen Riebel Kelley on the recommendation of a family member.  I had experienced both neck and back pain for many years.  "Traditional" medicine put me on muscle relaxants, with predictably adverse side-effects and little decrease in symptoms.  Chiropractic offered some relief.

Massage to me was something people might try on vacation, but certainly not something I thought would cure pain I had experienced for years.  Massage simply sounded like a good "back rub".  I was very skeptical of the entire process, especially when unfamiliar terms such as "Cranial-Sacral" were used.

While not an "instant cure", my condition gradually improved. Now, even when I "over-do" physically, one or two sessions and I am back to being pain free.

- F.S.

 I began seeing Karen Riebel Kelley a little more than two years ago.  My issues involved chronic neck spasms and problems in the surrounding tissues.  The main method that Karen has employed in my case has been Cranial-Sacral.  This is a very effective modality for changing the dynamics of tissues.  In addition to her skill, Karen brings to the table a real care and desire to understand where you are coming from and what you are dealing with.  She is always quick to explain the concepts of what she is observing about your health and she has a very in-depth and impressive knowledge of how the body works.  I would be quick to recommend her to anyone.

- K.A.

Karen Riebel Kelley has an incredible gift for knowing what's going on in the body.  Her gentle touch is the secret to getting my body to relax and to having the energy flowing correctly.  After seeing my Naturopath for deep muscle massage therapy and spinal alignment I then see Karen because Cranial-Sacral Therapy helps my adjustment stay in place longer.  I highly recommend Karen for all of your therapeutic needs.

- S.Y.