|   Business hours are Monday through Friday 9.30am to 6.30pm.  Any communications left for us outside of these hours will be attended to on the next business day.  Appointments are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.   | 

|   As there may be certain applications of techniques that need to be altered or avoided under certain circumstances, it is imperative that you keep the practitioner informed of any changes to your health and well-being.   |

|   Those who miss appointments, or cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice within the business week of Monday through Friday, will retain responsibility for the full session fee.   |


|   Your appointment times are reserved exclusively for you.  Therefore, if you find that you will be unable to attend your appointment, notification is required at least 24 hours in advance during the business week of Monday through Friday.  Example: If a session reserved for 3.30pm Monday is to be cancelled or rescheduled, notice must be given before 3.30pm on the preceding Friday.   |


|   If a late cancellation can be filled by another client on the stand-by list that is kept by the practice the fee to the original session holder may be waived.  This courtesy is offered whenever possible but cannot be guaranteed.  Under the same consideration, if the practitioner misses an appointment due to a scheduling error you will receive a complimentary session for your inconvenience.   |

|   Exceptions are made due to illness. Under most circumstances it is not advisable for a client who is ill to receive treatment.  Additionally, this protects the practitioner and other clients from exposure; however, if you arrive for a session ill you will be refused treatment and you will retain responsibility for the full price of the session.   Please communicate with your therapist if you are concerned that you may be ill.    |


|   If you arrive up to 30 minutes late for your session time you will receive treatment for the time remaining in the scheduled time.  At the 30-minute mark the session is considered a missed appointment as not enough time remains for reasonable application of technique.   |

|   The University of Louisville severe weather schedule is followed.  If classes are in session then the practice is open and client sessions proceed as scheduled.  If UofL classes are cancelled and sessions are subsequently cancelled (by either client or practitioner) you will not be charged for that session.   |


|   All packages and gift certificates are payable up front and in full, are non-refundable, and non-transferable .  Gift certificates and Packages of 4  are subject to a 6-month expiration date, Packages of 8 have a 12-month expiration date.   |

|   The fee for a returned check is $25 plus any bank charges that may incur because of the returned check.   |